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Dip Counselling, AIPC

Certificate in Relationships & Conflict Resolution

Certificate in Grief & Loss

Certificate of Suicide Prevention ARC


Mental Health Counselling, Relationship Counselling, Wellness Within You


Sarah’s journey into counselling came about from experiencing her own life’s challenge,

Breast Cancer. Due to her life experience Sarah had to take the time to look deep within 

enabling her to make changes in her life to live well, she learned about ones choices.

At the age of 42 her diagnosis was completely unexpected and at the time she had two

young children and a home to run but this entire normalcy was abruptly interrupted due to surgery and further treatment. From this experience Sarah has evolved into someone who supports others through their challenges, whether it be a serious illness, the loss of a loved one, relationship issues, self-acceptance, work and home issues or any other situation that has turned your life upside down. Sarah understands first-hand the fears, the difficulties and obstacles that a person suffering faces in such a situation. Sarah’s goal and belief is that each individual has the capability to better understand themselves, their situation, their relationships and are able to change those areas in their lives to be more fulfilling and empowered, after all we are the experts of our own lives however, we don't have to cope alone.


Sarah is a qualified professional Counsellor who supports people in a variety of ways depending on their needs. She takes a collaborative, holistic and a solution focused approach to working with her clients.

Sarah’s dedication to the quality of service she offers clients is aligned with her belief in the value of learning. She is committed to an ongoing education in order to evolve her knowledge on all levels for the highest benefit of all her clients.


Sarah has co-authored a book titled ‘Strong Women In Tough Times’, sharing her personal breast cancer story along with eight other women telling their true life’s challenges. Sarah donates a percentage of the proceeds of every book sold to various breast cancer associations depending on their needs.


Sarah works with women, men, adolescence, individuals, couples and families.


Sarah supports various Breast Cancer Associations as this area has become a passion

to help other women walk their journey as smoothly as possible.

Contact:  Sarah Martin

Location:  Private practice in Strathmore 3041.

Sessions available by Face to Face, Video Call or Telephone.

Phone: 0474 309 962